Sharpschooter medal 1st Class 1910
(Scherpschutter Eerste Klasse)


First date issued / (code) 1910 / (SCH1)
Amount issued ?
Value category Above Average

The Sharpshooter medal 1st class was a Dutch award that only existed for a short time, from 1910 to 1927. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands instituted the decoration on January 25 1910 to promote exercise in marksmanship. All soldiers who had obtained the degree of 1st class marksman received a decoration in the form of an octagonal medal that is wider than it is tall. In a Royal Decree of 29 October 1927 the medal was abolished again.

The obverse shows two crossed rifles under a crown covered by a bracket monogram "W" of Wilhelmina. Behind it is a target depicted within a wreath of oak leaves. The target is hit by a lightning bolt in the rose. The medal is an ornament in the shape of a filled cartridge as infantrymen used, attached to a blue ribbon. The reverse flat. The medal is made of Berlin silver, a sheap silver ally. Size: 35 x 28 millimeters. The ribbon is 38 millimeters wide.