Proficiency medal 1926, NOC
(Vaardigheidsmedaille 1926, NOC)


Instituted / (code) 1926
Amount issued

bronze (est) 3000

Value category Below Average

In 1914 the proficiency medal of the Dutch Olypic Committee (NOC) was established. A number of athletic tests had to be performed such as running, swimming, jumping etc. In the test the athlete had to gain a minimum number of points. Once a year one could take the test. After a succesfull test a bronze medal was given. After 3 successful tests the medal issued was silver, after 5 times gold.

Observe: Head of a Greec athlete, facing right. Reverse: The initals of the NOC. Material: Bronze/Silver/Silver gilted. Diameter (after 1926): 33 mm.