Proficiency Medal HLO 1934 type1
(Vaardigheidsmedaille HLO type1)


Instituted / (code) 1934 / (HLO)
Amount issued ?
Value category Above Average

In 1934 the proficiency-test of the Dutch Association for Harmonic Physical Development (Nationale Bond voor Harmonische LichaamsOntwikkeling, HLO) was instituted. The tests included running, jumping (high and far), throwing, climbing, swimming, balancing and walking.

Medals type 1 were bronze (4th degree, 1), silver (3rd degree, 3), gilt silver (2nd degree, 5), gilted with oakleaves (1st degree, 7). Three types exist:

The other degrees were priced with insignias instead of a medal. The medal was abolished in 1969. Reverse: flat. Material: Silver.