Schooting medal KNIL 1936
(Schietprijs van het KNIL)
Instituted / (code) 1936 / (KNIL)
Amount issued


Value category Very Common

Awarded to those who met the criteria set for the yearly shooting-contest of the Royal Netherlands Indies Army (KNIL). The medal was instituted in 1936 tot replace the badges as instituted in 1878. Clasp could be worn on the medal to indicate the number of times the criteria were met. The following clasps could be worn:

  • Geweer (Rifle) 1-15 times
  • Mitrailleur (Machine Gun) 1-14 times
  • K.M. (Carabine/Machine gun) 1-14 times
  • Pistool (Pistol) 1-14 times

The medal was abolished in 1951 when the KNIL was decomissioned.