Proficiency Medal Princess Irene Brigade 1941
(Vaardigheidsmedaille Prinses Irene Brigade)


Instituted 1941
Amount issued

est 12 - 19

Value category Ultra Rare

After the start of WWII many military and civilians fled from the Netherlands to the UK. They gathered and volunteered for service in the Royal Netherlands Brigade Princess Irene. They trained extensively for the invasion of Europe. To promote physical education a medal was instituted in 1941 in the spirit of the NOC-proficiency-medal. The qualification criteria were grouped in Athletics, Marching and an Obstacle course. Since the build-up phase to the invasion was filled with operational training and due to the invasion itself in 1944 only a few recieved the medal. Estimates vary between 12 up to 19. It's unknown how many medals were actually produced.

Obverse: a nude athlete surrounded by the text "voor alzijdige vaardigheid" (for proficiency). Reverse: The Royal Crown amidst the text: "Koninklijke Nederlandsche Brigade Prinses Irene" (Royal Netherlands Brigade Princess Irene). The diameter is, like the UK sixpence, 31mm, material bronze.

Two versions are identified: