Medal of the Red Cross 1910, Type 2 clasp Balkan
(Medaille van het Rode Kruis of Regeringsmedaille, Type 2 met gesp Balkan 1912-1913)
Instituted / (code) 1910 / MRK
Amount issued


Value category Ultra R are

The Medal of the Red Cross is also called the Government medal because they are not issued by the Dutch or international Red Cross but by the Dutch Government that the award instituted in a Royal Decree of 5 October 1910. The medal is a Royal decoration. The decision states that the Medal is awarded "as a reward for important services in or to the Dutch Red Cross". The medal can be awarded with a clasp. In 1914, Queen Wilhelmina issued a buckle in with the inscription "BALKAN 1912-1913" (98 issues) and by Royal Decree of 10 February 1914, the buckle "ETHIOPIA 1935-1936" (9 issues) was established. This Medal is rarely awarded. In the official order of the Dutch wear awards she is posted shortly after the Royal Honors, Bravery awards and Flood medals. The last medal was awarded in 2001

Obverse: Enameled Red Cross. Reverse: "Voor trouw en toewyding" (For loyalty and Dedication) Material: Silver. Diameter: 33mm.