Inauguration Medal 1898
(Inhuldigingsmedaille 1898)


Instituted / (code) 1898 / (IHM1898)
Amount issued


Value category Next to Rare

On 6 september 1898 princess Wilhelmina, only 18 years old, was crowned as Queen of the Netherlands. The ceremony took place in the Royal Palace on the Dam in Amsterdam. After the inauguration many festivities took place in Amsterdam. The people of the Netherlands donated the "Golden Carriage" to the queen. The coach is used eversince during royal weddings, inaugurations and yearly on the third tuesday of september at the start of the parlementary year.

Table medals were issued to high ranked officials or heads of state (gold), noblemen (silver), representatives and officers (bronze). Only bronze medals with ribbon to wear were issued to servants and aids to the royal family.

On the observe Queen Wilhelmina and regent Emma, On the reverse: "Wilhelmina, Queen of the Netherlands", "Emma, Queen widow regent, november 1890 - 31 august 1998, in remembrance". Diameter 38,6mm, bronze. The ribbon is Orange and Nassau-blue and is later also used for the Honor Guard Commemorative Medal 1933.