Wedding Commemoration Medal 1926
(Herinneringsmedaille 1926)


Instituted / (code) 1926 / (HM1926)
Amount issued


Value category Rare

The silver wedding of Queen Wilhelmina and H.R.H. Prince Hendrik was celebrated the 7th february 1926 on Palace het Loo in Apeldoorn by the royal family itself because the rivers in the Netherlands were facing massive flooding. (See also Flood 1926 medal) Only the 15th february they travelled to the Hague where some small festivities took place. The Queen had requested not to offer any presents and to allocate all resources to help of the victims of the floods. In the church where they were married there were some misical recitals.

Only 800 commemoration medals were struck for family, servants of the court and other persons involved.

Obverse: The Queen and H.R.H. Prince Hendrik facing left. The reverse is the same as the Wedding medal 1901, apart from the date: 1901 7-febr 1926 Material: Silver. Diameter: 28.1mm