Honor Guard Commemoration Medal1933
(Herinneringsmedaille Erewacht 1933)


Instituted / (code) 1933 / (HM1933)
Amount issued


Value category Ultra Rare

On the 9th of september there were festivities organized in the Olympic Stadium of Amsterdam to commemorate the 35 years Wilhelmina has served as Queen of the Netherlands. The Queen entered, together with her husband and princess Juliana the stadium by horse-coach. After she decended from the coach the crowds in the stadium roarded for minutes. She inspect an honorary guard consisting of 18 former midshipmen and 18 former cadets. Now officers, they were cadets and midshipmen in the honorary guard in the Inauguration of 1898.For more than six hours a defile took place which showed a lot of elements of shear patriotism. This day was always to remembered as Orange-Saturday 9 september 1933. The officers in the honrary guard were honored by the Queen with a commemorative medal as shown on the left. Only 37 were struck, 36 for the officers and one for the Amsterdam Historical Museum. This makes it a very rare medal indeed!

Oobverse: Portrait of Queen Wilhelmina facing left. On the reverse within an oakwrath: "1898 Eerewacht Cadetten & Adelborsten" (1898 Honorary Guard Cadets & Midshipmen). Material: Silver. Diameter 44,8 mm. The ribbon is exactly the same as the Inauguration Medal 1898: Orange and Nassau-blue.