Inauguration Medal 1948
(Inhuldigingsmedaille 1948)


Instituted / (code) 1948 / (IHM1948)
Amount issued


Value category Average

Queen Wilhelmina, after the war disappointed that there was no structural political change in the Netherlands, abdicated on 4 of September 1948 from the throne. Her daughter, Juliana, was inaugurated in the 6 September 1948, exactly 50 years after her mother's Queen Wilhelmina's Inauguration in 1898. At her accession she wore the grandcross of the Military Order of William for the first time. The protocol was almost the same as at the accession of her mother. There was also a honorary guard existing of midshipmen and cadets. In the afternoon she took a ride in the Golden Coach.

Obverse: Portrait of Queen Juliana and H.R.H. Prince Bernhard facing left. Reverse: Crowned J with the text "Juliana Koningin der Nederlanden, inhuldiging 6 september 1948."(Juliana, Queen of the Netherlands, accession 6th of september 1948). Material: Silver. Diameter 30mm.