Wedding Medal 1966
(Huwelijksmedaille 1966)


Instituted / (code) 1966 / (HM1966)
Amount issued


Value category Above Average

For the first time in history an royal marriage was celebrated in Amsterdam. On 10 March 1966 Princess Beatrix married former German diplomat Prince Claus von Amsberg. According to protocol the couple left the Palace on the Dam for the Town Hall in the Golden Carriage escorted by several military and police units in formal uniform. The ceremony in church took place in the protestant Westerchurch instead of the New Church. After the ceremony they returned to the palace for a dinner with many foreign guests, among them a substantial amount of royalty. The day will always be remembered in the Netherlands as a day with many uproars of (mainly left-wing) protestors (like in the rest of Europe in the sixties). On their way back to the palace a smoke-bomb was trown not very far from the route. In the mean time police was fighting in the surrounding streets.

Obverse: Princess Beatrix and Claus von Amsberg facing left. Reverse: Monogram with C and B surrounded by the date of 10 Maart 1966. Material: silver. Diameter 30,5 mm. The colours of the ribbon reflect the Royal House of Orange-Nassau and the family von Amsberg.