Commemoration Medal for Visit of Netherlands Antilles 1980
(Herinneringsmedaille bezoek Nederlandse Antillen 1980)
Instituted / (code) 1980 / (HM1980)
Amount issued


Value category Next to Rare

In fall 1980, shortly after her accession to the throne (see Inauguration Medal 1980), Queen Beatrix and H.R.H. Price Claus visited the Netherlands Antilles. Obviously to strengthen the bond between the Netherlands and the Antilles. The visit lasted more than a week from the 29th of October until the 8th of November. Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus made a great impression on the population. One remarkable moment was Beatrix dancing in open air on local music with her husband. This is the only medal awarded for a single visit. To remember this visit all people who helped in making it a great success recieved this commemoration medal. Only 615 medals were issued, which makes it a rather rare piece.

Obverse: Queen Beatrix facing left (exacly the same as the Inauguration medal of 1980). Reverse: The date of the visit around a crowned B: 29 okt - 8 nov surrounded by "Beatrix Koningin der Nederlanden" (Beatrix Queen of the Netherlands). Material: Silver. Diameter 30,3mm. The colours of the ribbon are the same but in exactly opposite position to the ribbon of the Inauguration medal of 1980.