Inauguration Medal 1980
(Inhuldigingsmedaille 1980)


First date issued / (code) 1980 / (IHM1980)
Amount issued


Value category Average

On 30th of April 1980 Queen Juliana abdicted the throne after 32 years of serving the Netherlands. On this date Princess Beatrix became queen. What had to be a beautiful day turned out to be a day spoken after for a long time. Around 1980 there was a lot of miscontent among youngsters about the housing of students and young people who were protesting against real estate companies. They broke into unused housing and blocked them. Their slogan during those days was "Geen woning, geen kroning" (No housing, no coronation). During the coronation procedure in the Great Church of Amsterdam the rumours of fighting in the streets could be heard inside. Television footage was shown all over the world. Police managed to keep the rioters far enough from the festivities so that the day continued without real major disturbancies. All personell participating in the event were eligible to wear this medal.