Wedding Medal 2002
(Huwelijksmedaille 2002)
Instituted / (code) 2002 / (HM2002)
Amount issued


Value category Average

On 2 February 2002 (2-2-2002!) Prince Willem Alexander and Argentinian Maxima Zorreguieta married in Amsterdam. It was a beautiful midwinter day with plenty of sunshine. Remarkable moments were the emotional Argentinian music in the Great Church in Amsterdam which caused Maxima to shed some melancholic tears. Of course there was the balcony-scene with the inevitable kiss. During all day a huge amount of military and police personell where sheduled to let the day pass smoothly.All personell participating in the remarkable event recieved the medal.

Obverse the couple facing eachother "en profile", unlike the other wedding medals where the couple looks left. This gives it a more modern, if not private, look. The medal was designed on a computer and the stamp was constructed by laser technique. The colours of the ribbon reflect the Royal House of Orange and the family Zorreguieta. On he reverse "twee twee tweeduizendtwee Maxima Willem Alexander" (two two twothousendtwo....). Material: Silver. Diameter 30mm.