Commemoration Medal for Visit of Caribean Netherlands 2013
(Herinneringsmedaille bezoek Caribisch Nederland 2013)
Instituted / (code) 2013 / (HMNA2013)
Amount issued


Value category Next to Rare

On 30th of April 2013 Queen Beatrix abdicated the throne after 33 years of serving the Netherlands. On this date Willem Alexander became the first King since 123 years (his great-great-grandfather Willem III died in 1890). The new King an Queen visited the six islands Aruba, Curacao, St Maarten, St Eustatius, Bonaire and Saba in the Caribean from 12-21 november 2013. This is done in the best tradition set by his mother. This medal was issued to commemorate the visit and was issued to all personal involved in the visit. Unlike the commemorative medal for the visit in 1980 the medal is the same as the Inauguration Medal 2013 (the reverse holds no other date than the inauguration date itself unlike the medal of 1980 which holds the dates of the visit). This was done to reduce costs. The ribbon is the exact inverse as the ribbon of the Inauguration Medal 2013.

Obverse: King Willem-Alexander facing left. Reverse: Crowned anagram with intertwined monogram W A topped with the royal crown. On the right the mintmark of RijksMunt. On the left silvermark. On the edge the text "Willem Alexander Koning Der Nederlanden 30 April 2013. Material: Silver. Diameter: 30mm