Honorary Medal Voluntary Homeguard Amsterdam 1918
(Eremedaille vrijwillige burgerwacht Amsterdam 1918)
Instituted / (code) 1918 / (HMVB2)
Amount issued


Value category Rare

Honorary Medal issued in 1918 for those who were active, who aided and supported the homeguard during the first world war. Issued in bronze, silver and gilted silver.

Material: bronze (silver for sectorcommanders, as picture left). Diameter: 41mm. Obverse: coat of arms of the city of Amsterdam surrounded by "Vrijwillige Burgerwacht 1918" (Voluntary Homeguard 1918). Reverse: bronze version has the text: "In dankbare herinnering aangeboden aan.....; voor krachtigen steun en grooten medewerking verleend aan de Amsterdamse burgerwacht" (In grateful remembrance offered to:......for powerful support and intensive cooperation issued tot the Amsterdam homeguard). Silver version reads: "Ter verdediging der volksvrijheid" (for the defense of the freedom of the people) around a guard standing. Below the guard the inscription "sectorcommadant" (sectorcommander)