Commemorative medal Fort Honswijk 1915
(Herinneringsmedaille Fort Honswijk 1915)
First time issued 1919
Amount issued

Appr 300

Value category Rare

This medal is a non-official designed and produced medal, not recognized by the Minister of Defence.

In the First World War The Netherlands took a neutral postion. To protect neutrality, a general mobilisation was ordered. Strategic positions were manned. Fort Honswijk, part of the Dutch Water Defense Line (Nederlandse Waterlinie) was manned as of 2nd of August 1914. After one full year of mobilisation, a ceremony was held to commemorate this event. A tree was planted with a fence around it and a shield with explanatory text was attached. All mobilized were honered with this commemmorative medal. Until the end of the war mobilization continued, without firing a shot from the fort. This period must have been very boring for all men stationed there. To fight this, a lot of events were organized, such as lectures, theatre and so on.

Oobverse: "Het vaderland ghetrouwe zijn wij tot in den doet" (a phrase from the national anthem showing loyalty to death), "Wij handhaven" (We enforce), "Bezetting Fort Honswijk" (Occupation Fort Honswijk). Rreverse: "H.H. Waterlinie" (Dutch Defence Waterline), "ter herinnering aan het eerste bezettingsjaar 1914-2/8-1915, staat van oorlog" (in remembrance of the first year of occupation 2nd of August 1914-1918, State of War),

After the war the defenders held a reunion on the 10th of May 1934. To commemarate this occasion another medal was struck, of which 325 bronze versions were issued.